Fusion 360 Electrical Personal Library tip

Custom Library in Fusion 360 Electrical module

PCB layout created in Fusion 360 Electrical module
PCB layout created in Fusion 360 Electrical module

My knowledge in the use of the Fusion 360 Electrical module improves by the day as I use it more.  Not having used a PCB design package before I don’t have anything to compare it to so I can’t be objective in any comments.

One thing that does frustrate me is the Library of parts.   Everything is wonderful if the part I want use is available already created but if it isn’t readily to hand then a work around is needed.   First call is to use a similar package part and edit the Value.  Second option is to use Mouser’s Library Loader which seems to work well …. providing they have the part available.  Last resort is to try to create a new part.   I have done this a few times but not enough to make it an automatic process and hence frustration still reigns.

The other issue with using Libraries is that I am slowly building up a physical stock of my preferred parts.   It becomes frustrating when beginning a new design using my preferred parts, trying to remember which available standard library I had selected them from.  I recently stumbled upon the EXPLIB command line macro.   This allows you to create a unique new library of just the parts used in a particular design.  So now I can easily find the part I used in Design X to be able to use it in my new Design Y. 

Progress indeed.

Onwards and upwards.

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