Bamboo barbeque sticks as dowels

OK so this is nothing radical but worth adding to the armoury.  

I am in the process of making a protective box for my clock bushing tool and the various accessories that are used with it.   I had some 9mm MDF board in stock that looked a potential candidate for this.   The only problem with a 9mm board thickness is that this didn’t leave much margin for error using standard 6mm dowels and I did not want to use screws or nails to hold my box together.

The solution I came up with was to use 3mm bamboo barbeque sticks as dowel substitutes. These are incredibly strong in sub 25mm lengths.

I did cheat however and did not try fit them in blind holes but instead drilled the mounting holes through to the outside surface.   It still looks OK and has resulted in a very strong structure.

Using barbeque sticks as dowels
Image of the side panel of my home made clock bushing tool protective box. This shows the bamboo barbeque stick dowels bonding into the edge of the 9mm MDF components (the ‘dowels’ can be seen as white dots along the top and bottom edge).   The MDF is finished with Yachting Varnish.  You can see what a messy painter I am ….

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