Workshop storage update using Spacemaster 5L boxes

Some time ago I posted a note about using the Spacemaster 5L storage boxes for all things workshop.   These are an incredibly versatile size and I admit to having a plethora of them sprinkled around the workshop including use for storage of my Tormach TTS tooling collets. 

Zoro UK now offers these boxes which is a bit more convenient than the previous UK source.  The Zoro stock number is ZT1053092X and the Spacemaster part number is CTL4048201B.

On the subject of TTS collets, I grew weary of having to repaint the tool number on the side of the collets and have migrated instead to printed labels. 

These are printed on a Brother P-Touch Cube printer using their 6mm White on Black tape stock.   These look very professional and time will tell how robust they are when subjected to cutting fluid.   The P-Touch is nice in that it is battery powered and connects on Bluetooth so I can print ‘on the go’ from the Android App.   The only frustration with the P-Touch is that it wastes around 2cms of tape at the beginning of each label print.   I minimise this wastage by concatenating all my labels into one long print and then cut them up individually with scissors after printing.

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