Delph Clock Gearwheel Designer Program

One of my main reasons for buying a PCNC440 CNC milling machine from Tormach was to have the potential to create clock components on the mill without the sweat of cutting teeth through indexing on the lathe and crossing out by hand filing.

After a lot of searching I found the Delph site and read about their Gearwheel Designer program.  I downloaded the application and paid a licence fee and started to play.

On the face of it the application seemed to be the answer to my search but it had some limitations.  I got in touch with Graham at Delph and we began a dialogue of tweaks and changes.   These I thought would be of general use to all users albeit based on how I saw the design and manufacturing process.

Graham to his credit took my ideas on board and the latest version of the program is now more flexible to use.

The program lets you design various flavours of gear wheels and particularly of interest for the clock fraternity are cycloidal wheels.  You simply enter the number of teeth required and the modulus you intend to use and out comes a design and the associated G Code.

Originally it expected to use the same milling cutter for all the machining process but this as now been changed.  Instead of milling holes you can drill them with pecking cycles.  You can select not just holes in the central hub of the wheel but a number of other random ones such as those needed to hold down the petals of the wheel when crossing out.

The code also lets you program tool changes and pick up on tool table values if your CNC machine has this facility.  It also lets you put your own customised start up routine in the G Code.

It is now a very flexible program and the G Code produced seems stable on my Tormach using PathPilot software.  Well worth a look and good value for money.

Here are a few screen shots : –

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