Projects and Write Up Listing

Here is an ongoing list of things done/made or attempted and documented on the site as formal pages.  Readers should note however that most of my information is contained in the Posts section where there are Tags to get you quickly to areas of interest.  You should also check the Downloads page for further documents and design aids.

William Smith Gearless Clock

William Smith Vertical Morse Key

Delph Electronics Gearwheel Designer

NYC CNC Training Course

Tormach PCNC440

Laser Centring Tool for Tormach Tooling System and Power Drawbar

Devon Sea Clock

Record Vice renovation and custom soft jaws

Abrafile replacement

Mill spindle illuminator using Angel Lights

Screw holding jigs for use in the lathe

Laser Centering Light for Myford VMB

Shumatech DRO display and mods

1.5V Battery replacement module

Compressed air leak issues

and some waffle stuff : –

Workshop resources

My favourite links to external resources



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