Sherline Motor Head on the Myford

In order to cut clock wheels on a lathe it is necessary to have a method of indexing the lathe chuck to the correct number of teeth increments and once incremented it needs a cutter to profile the tooth.

I have detailed elsewhere how the Sherline CNC Indexing Table can be mounted in the Myford lathe spindle to provide an indexing facility.   I will now describe how the Sherline Lathe Headstock motor and spindle can be mounted on a Myford vertical slide which is in turn mounted on the Myford cross slide to provide a wheel and hole cutting facility.  It should be stated that there are other methods of achieving this involving belt driven spindles but the use of the Sherline product allows one integrated assembly to sit on the vertical slide.

The adaptation requires the manufacture of a mounting block as shown below.

Once again, as with the use of the Sherline CNC rotatory table write up, I cannot claim originality for this adaptation and must honour the memory of the late William Smith who popularised the idea in his many books and videos.   William Smith did not describe in detail his adaptation and I hope this write up helps others to see the advantages of his idea and the ease of adaptation.

The full write up as a pdf is on the link below.

Sherline Motor for Wheel Cutting


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