Links are provided below as a condensed listing of various files and objects for download as mentioned in my blog : –

Tungsten Grinder using a Dremel

Additional Femi_files and notes

Laser alignment module for the Femi NG120ABS

Modifications to the Devon Sea  Clock Notes May 2021

Flatcam and milling pcbs 2021 update based on Flatcam version 8.9x

Compendium of all BK3 Modifications v2

Thwaites Clock Activity write up.

Fitting XYZ motor feeds to Myford VMB v4

Electronic Leadscrew on Myford Super 7

A spreadsheet to budget purchase of a Tormach milling machine and accessories

A spreadsheet calculator to help design a Rosebud grate hole matrix

A discussion document on whether to 3D CAD or Not

Clock Wheel Cutting using Sherline Rotary Table and Tormach CNC mill

How to mill an object that is larger than your milling machine XY limits

Updating the Tormach Tool Table codes (description and spreadsheet)

How I did Mill Turning on the Tormach PCNC440

An idea for a 4 Jaw Chuck Laser Centring Device write up as pdf

Fusion 360 files for the lathe centring device in a zip folder.

Hall Effect based electronic tool height setter write up

Arc and Circle Calculation Sheet for GCode spreadsheet for calculating I and J codes.

How to use FlatCAM based on Version 8.5   (see 2021 update for 8.9x version)