Explore some of my Mechanical Engineering Projects and Ideas

The links below give more details of various mechanical engineering projects undertaken in my workshop either in metal or 3D printed on my Sindoh 3DWOX 3D printer.  Hopefully there will be more CNC content in the months to come.

No originality is claimed for the ideas or concepts but hopefully they will stimulate others to be creative.

Click on the following links or use the master menu : –

Abrafile Replacement using Axminster Free-Way Coping Saw

Axminster, Abrafile
Overall view of Modified Axminster Free-Way Coping Saw to replace Abrafiles

Record Imp vice restoration and with metal and 3D printed soft jaws.

soft jaws, record vice
Record Imp vice after restoration and with its new soft jaws

Laser Centring Tool for Milling Machine

Screw Thread Finishing Techniques with 3D printed depth stop in Fusion 360

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