Having owned and managed a radio design and manufacturing company for over 36 years I have finally sold and retired.   I have reverted back from electronics to my roots of ‘making things’ and trying to document what I have done so others might be stimulated to follow.

If you want some more detail on my history then see this page.

My workshop has grown over the last four years and now has a Tormach PCNC440 for CNC working which is really stretching me as a newbie to this technology.   Various sites such as NYC CNC are helping me get there.

When not in the workshop I can be found running my 5″ live steam locomotive, playing golf,  tending my veggie plot, operating on amateur radio and most important of all, spending time away from it all in our house in France.

Self indulgent ?  Why yes I guess it is but then I have a lot of time to make up. Why not join me and share any common interests ?

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  1. hi woody you have really inspired me, i have just ordered a video and book from wr smith website after reading what you wrote about him , i have a ml7r and hope to build a clock , thanks for posting your advice cheers john

    1. Hi John, thanks for your message and glad you are enjoying my posts.
      Bill is a great source of info and designs and I think you will find him interesting.
      I am located near Reading if you are passing and want to call in for a chat.

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