Abrafile Replacement from Axminster Tools

Like many others I mourn the disappearance of Abrafile blades and the attachment to fit them into hacksaw frames.  I admit that you can still pick up an odd one or two on Ebay but there does not seem to be a commercial source anymore.

Tile saws seemed to be the closest approximation to the Abrafile concept but they have larger diameter blades and very large diameter chunky ends.  This would mean having to have big pilot holes in the work piece to accommodate them.

While browsing in Axminster I saw their Japanese Free-Way Saw and was taken by the very thin spiral blade that is available for it. The downside was that the blade had a chunky loop at each end to grip it in the saw frame. The loop is crimped to the blade with a small diameter boss/ferrule not greatly dissimilar to the diameter of the bulbous ends of the Abrafile.

Axminster, Abrafile
Axminster Japanese Saw Blade Fastening

It seemed that it might be possible to modify one end of the saw clamp to take a modified blade end without the offending loop while retaining the boss/ ferrule.

On one end of a blade I trimmed off the loop to leave just the boss. I then replaced the non handle end of the saw body clamp with a 7mm square 36mm long section piece of steel.  The 7mm matches the hole in the hacksaw frame. I tapped a M4 hole in one end of the steel. At the other end I milled a 4.3mm wide trough, 12mm long to fit the remaining blade boss.  I then broke the slot out of the end with a small lead hole/slot to suit the blade diameter.

Axminster, Abrafile
Axminster blade modified to fit into new tension holder

The new blade mount is fastened in place with a M4 cap head and washer and the blade is tensioned as before by revolving the handle.

Axminster, Abrafile
M4 screw fastening of new blade holder

The blade stroke length is reduced to around 115mm but that aside the modification works well.  The blades are nice to use and quite aggressive on brass and aluminium.

Axminster, Abrafile
Overall view of Axminster Free-Way Japanese Coping Saw after modification

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