Replacement Whistle on Polly V Steam Engine

Spluttering Banished to be replaced by a Banshee

It had become a standing family joke on steaming outings that my Polly V whistle left a lot to be desired.   Quite often it would do nothing more than a feeble splutter.   The Polly V kit supplied whistle is fitted under the running board on the left hand side of the cab.   The pipe run is long and somewhat tortuous.   I had insulated the pipe to reduce feed loss but this made little difference.   The whistle valve also had a gentle leak and was very stiff to activate.   All in all not a good setup.

A recent article in Engineering In Miniature (EIM) by Richard Wightman (September 2022) went into detail about a whistle and valve combination he had created.   The whistle was fairly conventional but very compact.   The steam control valve was unusual in that he used a standard tyre Schrader valve.   This tweaked my interest and I set about upgrading my Polly V locomotive using this technique. Here are some Fusion 360 images and shots of the new valve and whistle mounted in place on my Polly V.

Here is a blow by blow description of the process as a PDF download.

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