Windows 10 upgrade surprise

The desktop computer in France was running on Win7 and Fusion 360 needs Win10 or above.   I brought the machine back with us to the UK and decided to upgrade it to Win10.  I’m not yet prepared to step up to Win11.

As part of the upgrade I took out all the existing drives and fitted a 500GB SSD.  I loaded Win10 which went to plan and used the same email address and PIN entries for the user ID as I use on my UK machines.

Win10 came up with the usual generic blue opening screen and I then sat and began to plan what programs I needed to load for use in France.  After about 15 minutes the blue Microsoft desktop screen disappeared and was replaced with the same desktop image that I use on my UK screens.  

So tell me how does the new SSD and Microsoft know that this is my go to image for a desktop ?  It can only be registered in the Microsoft cloud storage against my account details.   Which is slightly worrying.

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