Adding Colour Coding to Fusion 360 Assemblies

How did I not know about this Fusion 360 facility ?

I was watching a YouTube video on Fusion 360 joints by Garin Gardiner. I couldn’t help but notice that he had colours on his assembly listing and time line. My interest was really perked…..

A quick search revealed that this is a standard but maybe not so obvious Fusion 360 feature. Go to the Inspect drop down menu and then Display Component Colours. Magic (albeit it can be a bit garish ..) but it really helps you to see what part or function is with what. If you start to feel a bit nauseous you just have to use Shift+N to toggle it ON and OFF.

Here is my recent Mark Presling clamp in Technicolor. (OK the colours could be better chosen ..).

It’s funny how sad engineers get all excited about such simple things……

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