Tangential Lathe Toolholder for Myford Super 7

Yet another design to add to the plethora out there

The concept of a tangential lathe tool holder had passed me by until Blondie Hacks mentioned it in one of her YouTube posts.  This resulted in an hour or more lost down an internet rabbit hole.   The conclusion seemed to be that I was very late to the party.  There are many designs out there which include the Eccentric Engineering commercial item.

I quite liked the look and simplicity of Mike Cox’s design. With the knowledge gained from my unintended meandering internet research, I tweaked it slightly and committed it to Fusion 360. This is shown in the pretty picture below.   Note my design was to be mounted in a QCTP on my Myford Super 7 and is intended to hold a 3/16” HSS tool. Here is my Fusion 360 image of the model.

The following ZIP file contains my full write up along with the Fusion 360 model for the toolholder and an associated 3D printed sharpening jig.

Update : This tool is very good. It can tolerate decent depths of cut and leaves a nice finish both turning and facing.

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