Update notes on modifications to the Devon Sea Clock

Finally Documented my Devon Sea Clock modifications

Following on from a number of enquiries I have updated my notes on the modifications I made to my Devon Sea Clock.   This includes creation of a new set of pallets and also set up notes.  A link is provided to download the details.

devon sea clock notes on modifications
My Devon Sea Clock as featured in these notes

I hope you find this useful and it allows a few more clocks to begin ticking reliably. 

The link will download a ZIP file with the written notes and 2D drawings of the components.

Sea Clock Notes May 2021

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Devon Sea Clock Experiences and Modifications

I picked this Devon Sea Clock in a non working condition but nice and clean and well made.  After some external support it is finally ticking away nicely but not consistently.   Timing is still not quite right but I have the Microset on it to see what is happening.   There is definitely a wobble on the escape wheel that needs fixing.

clockmaking, sea clock
Devon Sea Clock

Note there is an updated document available : – Sea Clock Notes May 2021

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