Jerky Mouse Effects with 3D Connexion SpaceMouse and CadMouse used together

Quite some time ago I posted about the fact that I had bought a package deal of the wireless 3D Connexion SpaceMouse and CadMouse devices.   Since then I have come to cherish the SpaceMouse and would be lost without it.   It makes modelling in Fusion 360 an amazing experience.

3DConnexions Space Mouse

Since using this combination I had been experiencing an irritation with the CadMouse lagging and twitchy/jerky in its action.   This is not always present every time I use the combination of these two devices but you could guarantee it would raise its head when I was in a rush to finish a design.   There has never been a similar issue with the SpaceMouse.   I had searched the forums and tried adjusting various graphic parameters but to no consistent result.

The two devices when bought as a package share the same USB wireless dongle.   Clearly the pair would be timesharing this data link so I thought this might be a data bandwidth issue.  I transferred the dongle to a high speed USB port (the ones with the blue insert).   I can’t say this helped or at least there did not seem to be a correlated improvement with this move.

Of late I have switched the CadMouse off completely and reverted to my Logitech M705 wireless mouse with its associated USB dongle.   Fingers crossed this seems to have solved the problem.  The Logitech behaves well and is responsive to my mouse movements and there is no impact on the SpaceMouse when working on its own into its USB dongle.

Time will tell.

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2 Replies to “Jerky Mouse Effects with 3D Connexion SpaceMouse and CadMouse used together”

  1. Interesting – I have had similar problems (and have equally struggled to find an effective Google query) but related to my Logitech wireless keyboard attached to my PC and the proximity of my Apple Mac with BT connected mouse and keyboard. I now turn off the Mac components when I am using the PC.
    Using different bands etc had no obvious effects, I have a suspicion that the Apple devices swamp the Logitech signal – or confuse it enough to cause long and irritating pauses.
    Sorry I have no cures, but hope it helps to know that you are not alone with these type of problems!
    Simon (permanently French based)

    1. Hi Simon and thanks for your input.

      The problem with my 3DConnexion devices did seem to be dongle sharing by the CADMouse and Spacemouse devices.
      Since I separated the mouse to be my Logitech mouse and leaving the Spacemouse on its own dongle things have been good.
      It was so frustrating when they shared the same dongle but all good now.

      Nice to hear from France.
      We have no idea when we will be able to get to our house in France.
      Fortunately we have some good French neighbours who look after things for us.

      Thanks again


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