Laser cutting line modification to Femi NG120ABS bandsaw

Quick and Easy Cutting Set Up

I recently acquired a Femi NG120ABS bandsaw which you might think seems a bit strange given how much I talk on this site about my Burgess BK3 bandsaw.   I regard them as two different animals.  

The Femi has replaced my Kennedy for cutting stock ready for milling.  The Femi auto feed facility means it can be left unattended while I get on with other things.  

The BK3 upgraded with my modified guide assemblies is a more precise ‘cutting to a line’ device with the benefit of a wide throat for cutting sheet stock. 

I am impressed by the Femi and by its performance.   Speed of cut is excellent and build quality is very good.   The vice action clamps well and is very rigid.

The one frustration with the Femi has been when loading material ready for cutting. You have to iteratively and repeatedly move the stock in the vice to match where you want the blade to be cut.  This is easier with long pieces of stock but when you have a heavy short chuck of metal block with not much left between the jaws it becomes a juggling act.  Likewise when cutting off line such as mitres.  These situations mean constantly raising and lowering the cutting arm to check you have it in the right place.

I have created a battery powered laser line module that mounts on the Femi blade guide and which will show where the blade will cut.   It clearly isn’t for everyone’s taste but it makes life just a bit more simple !  As Jimmy Diresta says … ‘I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it’.

femi bandsaw laser alignment guide
Image showing the laser alignment guide mounted on the Femi NG120ABS bandsaw

Here is a pdf file containing the write up giving details.

Femi Laser Module Mk 2

Due to demand here are the Gerber and STEP files for the project

Femi_files and notes

Because of the interest shown, if there is sufficient demand I could arrange for some PCBs to be manufactured offshore.  Let me know via the email in the footer.

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2 Replies to “Laser cutting line modification to Femi NG120ABS bandsaw”

  1. A very well-presented article, that would put many “professionals” to shame.
    Using my old Femi yesterday, I was cutting some 40x40x6 MS angle at 45 °. The slightly-rounded 6mm edges prevented some difficulty in knowing exactly where the blade would cut. Your device would have made it so much easier.
    Great job!

    1. Hello Peter and thank you very much for your encouraging comments which are very much appreciated.
      I do enjoy documenting what I have done (so at least I can remember what I did last week …).
      My ‘Yorkshire English’ sometimes does not come over well and being north country does sometimes make for a forthright style.

      If you fancy making the laser and need a kit of parts let me know.

      Kind regards


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