William Smith Gearless Gravity Arm Clock

Read how I undertook my first clock construction when I built William Smith’s Gearless Gravity Arm clock design.

William Smith, Gearless Clock, Gravity Arm
William Smith Gravity Arm Gearless Clock using Dodd Daisy wheel and Hipp toggle mechanisms

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Getting a Grip of screw heads

You know how sometimes you think of something then sometime later you are doing something else and you think why don’t I do it like I did that …. read on how gripping screws in the lathe and gripping depth discs on drills came together using some simple machining and some 3D printing on my Sindoh DP200.

screw thread cleaning
Screw thread cleaner using head gripping collet with other size fixtures.

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Abrafile Replacement using Axminster Coping Saw

Read how I modified a standard Axminster Japanese Free-Way coping saw to replace an Abrafile.

Axminster, Abrafile
Overall view of the modified Axminster Free-Way Japanese Coping Saw

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Record Imp Vice refurbishment article added

I love the baby Record Imp table vice.   They are readily available in various states abuse on EBay and worthy of a loving home.

Read how I renovated one and added slot in soft jaws in aluminium and then via Fusion 360 modelled a 3D printed set in PLA.

soft jaws, record vice
Record Imp after restoration

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Devon Sea Clock Experiences and Modifications

I picked this Devon Sea Clock in a non working condition but nice and clean and well made.  After some external support it is finally ticking away nicely but not consistently.   Timing is still not quite right but I have the Microset on it to see what is happening.   There is definitely a wobble on the escape wheel that needs fixing.

clockmaking, sea clock
Devon Sea Clock

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